The Cantron Controversy

Cancer cells are parasitic; that is, they feed off healthy cells, sapping their energy. They cannot live on their own, but require healthy host cells to maintain their existence. If we lower energy levels of host cells slightly, cancer cells die, because they are no longer supported by the host cells. This is one theory that explains how Cantron works.

Another explanation: Cantron switches the metabolism from anaerobic back to aerobic energy production. The anaerobic cycle creates cancer-causing ketones and aldehydes; Cantron restores the aerobic cycle, which creates carbon dioxide and water as harmless waste products. These are eliminated through normal excretion.

Disclaimer: Cantron has not been approved by the FDA for medical use; consequently, no medical claims can be made concerning its efficasy for curing or alleviating any medical or health condition. Therefore, according to FDA regulations, Cantron, at this stage, must be considered a nutritional supplement only. Though no one has ever been harmed by using Cantron, anyone contemplating using it must accept such use as experimental and self-directed, and use Cantron at their own risk.