The Clarus products employ a new, proprietary technology which is based on years of leading-edge scientific research conducted in the USA, Europe, Japan, and China. Clarus Personal Energy Systems developed and validated this demonstrable technology in collaboration with internationally recognized scientists from Stanford University and the University of California.

The Clarus subtle energy products are designed and engineered to:

• Enhance your own body’s natural energy (ch’i, life force) - the key to physical vitality and strengthened natural immunity to man-made electromagnetic field (EMF) radiations

• clarify man-made EMF radiations so they will not interact chaotically with your body.

Clarus Clear Wave Clarus Ally Clarus Q Link

Clear Wave -- Covers up to 30' radius and low EMF situations -- $248.00 + $8.50 insured shipping (USA destinations)

Clear Wave 2 -- same appearence and size, but stronger signal that covers up to 40' radius and moderate EMF situations -- $328.00 + $8.50 insured shipping (USA destinations)

Clear Wave 3 (to the right) -- Strongest unit, covers up to 50' radius and high EMF situations -- $398.00 + $8.50 insured shipping (USA destinations)

Ally (Battery-Powered, w/AC Adaptor)
$328.00 + $8.50 insured shipping (USA destinations) - Similar in output to the Clear Wave 2.

Q - Link (Pendant, w/silk cord)
Gives personal bio-field enhancement to help counteract stressful EMF's. $98.00 + $6.50 insured shipping (USA destinations)

To Order, just click your left mouse button on the link below.

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Please send email inquiries to: ADVANCED SYSTEMS and reference CLARUS.

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