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545 South Second Street
Carbondale, Colorado 81623 USA
Toll Free: 1 (800) 866-7116
Phone: 1 (970) 963-0229
Fax: 1 (970) 963-3988
Email: fredpulver@hotmail.com

All prices in U.S. Dollars

No.DescriptionUnit PriceQuantityAmount
Main Products
10TAKIONIC 10 Beads$118.95
100TAKIONIC 30 Beads$268.95
124ATAKIONIC 30-Bead Patch$268.95
125BTAKIONIC 100-Bead Patch$723.95
125CTAKIONIC 50-Bead Patch$398.95
101TAKIONIC Performance Belt (extensions avail. on request)$268.95
102TAKIONIC Water (8 oz.)$27.95
126TAKIONIC "Spark" Massage Oil (4 oz.)$17.95
127TAKIONIC Coil, 10"$29.95
129TAKIONIC Pet Collar $17.95
106TAKIONIC Eyemask$48.95
107TAKIONIC Headband (black, sky blue, gray, pastel pink, white)$38.95
108TAKIONIC Wristband (colors: same as headband)$38.95
119TAKIONIC Insoles 4000 (Men's 3-13, Ladies' 5-12)$48.95
128TAKIONIC Mattress (6 ft. x 3 ft. x 1 in.)$1,489.95
330Focus Thinking Cap$55.95
1031 in. Skin Tape (16 ft.)$12.95
1042 in. Skin Tape (16 ft.)$24.95
Aqua Pura Skin Care Line
301The Complete Aqua Pura Facial Rejuvenation Kit$97.95
302Aqua Pura Skin Moisturizer (1 oz.)$32.95
303Aqua Pura Revita-Lizer (AHA Fruit Lotion) (1 oz.)$32.95
304Aqua Pura Hi-Energy Facial Mask (12 reusable masks)$17.95
305Aqua Pura Aloe Facial Cleanser (2 oz.) (sponge incld.)$18.95
Books & Video
120Revolution In Technology, Medicine and Society by Hans Nieper, MD$49.95
125A must read book: Sunlight by Zane Kine, MD$19.95
122Secret of the Creative Vacuum by John Davidson$29.95
123Acupressure's Potent Points by Michael Gach$19.95
299Free Energy video (110 minutes, color)(VHS)$49.95
300TAKIONIC Video (12 min.)Available on request w/$100 min. order; alone, $9.95
Gold Jewelry
11014 kt. 8 Bead Necklace (18 in.)$329.95
11114 kt. 5 Bead Bracelet (7.5 in.)$196.95
112A14 kt. 1 Bead Pyramid Pendant (w/ 20 in. chain)$186.95
112C14 kt. 1 Bead Pyramid Pendant (no chain)$138.95
11314 kt. Pendant (w/ 18 in. chain)$96.95
11514 kt. Pierced Earrings (pair)$87.95
118A14 kt. Gold Castle Locket (w/ 10 beads, no chain)Email or call for quote
118B14 kt. Gold Castle Locket (no beads, no chain)Email or call for quote
116AGold Plated Castle Locket (w/ 10 beads, no chain)$157.95
116DGold Plated Castle Locket (w/ 10 beads, 24 in. chain)$168.95
116BGold Plated Castle Locket (no beads, no chain)$58.95
116CGold Plated Castle Locket (no beads, 24 in. chain)$68.95
Sterling Silver Jewelry
117ACastle Locket (w/ 10 beads, 24 in. chain)$148.95
117BCastle Locket (no beads, 24 in. chain)$48.95
3108 Bead Necklace (18 in.)$138.95
3115 Bead Bracelet (7.5 in.)$98.95
3121 Bead Pyramid Pendant (w/ 24 in. chain)$42.95
3131 Bead Pendant (w/ 18 in. chain)$35.95
3143 Bead Pendant (w/ 24 in. chain)$63.95
316Pierced Earrings (pair)$39.95
SALES TAX: CO residents add 3%
USA SHIPPING: (see chart below)
USA RUSH ORDERS: Next Day, add $10.00; 2 Day, add $4.00
USA SHIPPING: (add $1.00 for each additional book or water)
USA C.O.D. CHARGES: add $4.75

For orders ofContinental USA Insured Shipping charges
0 - 1 lb.$8.95
2 - 4 lbs.$12.50
5 - 10 lbs.$17.95
10+ lbs$22.50

For all overseas orders, please inquire for quote.

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Method of Payment: Check or M.O.___ Credit Card___ C.O.D.___

VI AX DI or MC#:
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Disclaimer - Please Read: Product endorsements, claims and testimonials are not meant to be, or to be construed as, medical advice. Persons with health problems should seek the help and advice of a competent, licensed health practitioner before ordering any of our products. We do not claim or imply Takionic Products will cure, improve, treat or otherwise alleviate any health condition. By purchasing Takionic Products, each person agrees that he or she is purchasing them for experimental purposes only. Though all Takionic Products are 100% safe to use by anyone, each person who buys Takionic Products agrees to hold Biotech Industries harmless from implication in any situation where health worsens or does not improve while Takionic Products are being used. Please do not order any products if above terms are not acceptable.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason you are not completely statisfied with a purchase, please return it in NEW condition (unopened) within 30 days for a refund (minus a 10% processing fee), or apply credit toward another purchase. Note: Items NOT returnable: books, video tapes, skin tape, fabric products and garments, Takionic water, massage oil, personal hygiene or skin care products. Shipping and handling fees are also non-refundable.

Damaged Goods: Should your order arrive damaged, please keep it in its original container and mail it back to us for a prompt replacement. ALL DAMAGED GOODS MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 10 DAYS.

Returned Checks: We reserve the right to charge a $20 service fee on all returned checks.

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Please send email inquiries to: ADVANCED SYSTEMS and reference TAKIONIC.

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