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The Story of Vitacel

NEL was founded by Dr. Robert Koch, a biochemist with 38 years of experience in biochemistry and nutrition.

But before I tell you about Dr. Koch, I must step back in time and tell you about the work of an amazing woman, Dr. Ana Aslan. Dr. Aslan was a Romanian gerontologist who would routinely give injections of procaine hydrochloride to elderly people to ease their aches and pains. Procaine hydrochloride is marketed under the trade name Novocaine, which used to be widely used by dentists to numb patients before dental work was undertaken.

Procaine hydrochloride is synthesized from DEAE (di-ethyl-amino-ethanol) and PABA (para-amino-benzoic-acid). Both DEAE and PABA are vitaminic precursors. PABA is widely used in everything from shampoos and skin lotions to sunscreen and vitamin supplements. DEAE is a precursor of the B vitamin choline, from which the body synthesizes acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is used by the nervous system to carry nerve impulses across the synapses, or gaps, that exist where one nerve connects to another. Without acetylcholine, the nervous system could not carry messages across these synapses, and we could not function. All thinking, movement, speech and consciousness itself depends on the availability of this very important vitaminic substance.

DEAE plays a complementary role with PABA in regulating neurotransmitter activity. So the two substances work very well as a team, helping the body to maintain balance between excitability and calm, between activity and rest. Such stability can be upset by the stresses of modern life, and these two substances have an ability to smooth out life's rough edges.

PABA also helps strengthen body cell membranes, and keeps them elastic and flexible. Dr. Aslan began noticing interesting side-effects of daily Novocaine injections among her elderly charges: skin tone and texture began to improve, wrinkles would disappear, memory would improve, even among patients with Alzheimer's disease. Bed-ridden folks would start getting up and walking around; clients confined to wheelchairs would start regaining strength and control of their legs. Their zest for life began to return.

At first Dr. Aslan thought these positive side-effects were simply due to the alleviation of pain that the Novocaine had induced. Then she noticed some patients began getting color back in their white hair, or even growing hair back where it had stopped growing many years before. She began to think there was more involved than just pain alleviation.

So she began studying the chemistry involved in the production of procaine hydrochloride, and discovered some interesting facts. If PABA and DEAE were taken separately, the positive results were not obtained. There was something in the synthesis that was able to produce more positive effects than either substance taken separately. She theorized that PABA and DEAE synthesized as procaine hydrochloride were able to cross the blood-brain barrier and cellular membranes better than either substance alone.

Digestive enzymes and natural oxidation break down PABA and DEAE before they can benefit the body and nervous system cells, nullifying their potential benefit. But combined as procaine hydrochloride, they could enter the cells at full strength, and do their beneficial work of restoring damaged cell walls, stabilizing brain chemistry, promoting vitamin K activity in the intestine, and many other regenerating efects.

She discovered small amounts of procaine hydrochloride were enough to produce the beneficial side-effects desired, and that the large amounts normally used for pain alleviation were not necessary.

However, enzymatic and oxidative breakdown of procaine hydrochloride caused the beneficial effects to diminish rather rapidly. This posed a problem, since people who are not bed-ridden could hardly carry around a drip-feed apparatus like the hospitals use. Dr. Aslan realized she must figure out a way to make the positive effects last longer.

She finally came up with the bright idea of adding food-grade preservatives to the procaine hydrochloride. She chose potassium metabisulfite and benzoic acid, which at the time were widely used to keep food fresh. Keeping food fresh really means, in chemical terms, arresting or retarding oxidation and enzymatic activity from breaking down foods and causing them to spoil. Dr. Aslan found these food preservatives kept the procaine hydrochloride from breaking down as quickly, so its positive effects could be prolonged.

Eventually she perfected a product that would last about 6 hours before the beneficial effects would wear off. The first marketed form was injected, but she later succeeded in perfecting a form that could be taken orally as a sugar-coated tablet. It was sold over the counter all over Europe under several names: Aslavital, GH-3, Gerovital, etc.

When word got out about the amazing rejuvenating effects she was able to obtain, people flocked to her clinic from all over the world, and paid thousands of dollars to receive treatments at her clinic. Even such notables as the late US President John F. Kennedy, the Soviet Premier Kruschev, the movie actress Marilyn Monroe and others came to her clinic seeking the rejuvenating effects she had achieved with many others.


Travelers from the USA began bringing small amounts back with them from Europe, and soon a demand for more developed. Several companies started importing it. Eventually the Food and Drug Administration declared such OTC (over-the-counter) sales illegal, since under an existing law, procaine hydrochloride was considered a drug to be administered by perscription only, under medical or dental supervision.

A witch hunt began, and shipments were seized and purveyors were arrested. The FDA was also concerned with claims being made that GH-3 was a miraculous "Fountain of Youth" that could turn back the biological clock and restore youthful vitality and mental acuity, as well as cure a host of conditions and illnesses. So GH-3 was branded a fraud, which made the witch hunt all the more severe. The government reasoned that promoters of GH-3 and its variants were not only trafficking in a controlled substance, but they were duping the public with fraudulent claims that could either keep them from receiving proper medical treatment, or harm them.

During this time, Dr. Koch began doing his own experimentation. He reasoned that better buffering agents could be used than food preservatives. He realized fruits and vegetables were full of natural anti-oxidants which kept them fresh. Among these are ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and citric acid. After some research, he perfected a formula that incorporated these natural anti-oxidants. People who used the new product he named Vitacel 7 reported it was more effective than the original Aslan formula they had been using.

To comply with FDA regulations, Dr. Koch had the formulas manufactured offshore in the Cayman Islands. After the laetrile flap, irate consumers successfully petitioned Congress to allow any citizen to order medicinal products manufactured outside the USA for personal use, as long as they were not narcotics or other illegal drugs. Dr. Koch believed in this way he could still make the Vitacel formulas he had perfected available while remaining in compliance with the FDA and other government agencies.

However, he had a very rude awakening when government agents broke into his offices and confiscated everything, including his computers and files. He was arraigned, but successfully defended himself in Federal Court. The overwhelming number of witnesses that validated the safety and effectiveness of Dr. Koch's formulas helped sway the jury in his favor. Curiously, during this time, he was able to obtain patents on his formulas even though the government considered his products illegal! Such is the illogic and inconsistency that can characterize a complex bureaucracy such as our government has become.

Vitacel 7 remains a great formula, but Dr. Koch went on to develop an even better formula he named Vitacel 8. Vitacel 8 Vitacel 8 contains more anti-oxidants, which makes the procaine hydrochloride even more effective. The procaine hydrochloride also makes the anti-oxidants more effective at the same time, because the procaine hydrochloride increases the body cell's ability to uptake nutrients and get rid of waste products, due to the way it strengthens the cell membranes.

The varied number of health problems that have been helped by the Vitacel formulas is quite large and growing. It seems the root of many illnesses can be traced to impaired cellular ability to uptake nutrients, get rid of waste and repair damage caused by advancing age, oxidation, stress and damage caused by chemicals in food, air and water.

Now the formulas he and his family paid so dearly to perfect are classified like any other vitaminic, over-the-counter formulas.

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