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 My name is John Wallwork. I am 60 years of age. 4 months ago, around July, 1999 I was diagnosed after x-rays having Arthritis of the spine. At one time before my blood test results I was told it could be cancer of the spine. I was terrified inside. I could not walk without unbearable pain in my hip and lower back. My doctor, Dr. Stanley Herr of Bermuda Dunes, CA prescribed Vicodin for pain, and psychotherapy. I was a mess. I used all my sick leave at work. I thought I was going to be a cripple. I had Acupuncture which helped the pain, but I was taking approximately 16 Vicodin tablets a day. I finally heard about HGH 2004 on the radio. Now that I am an HGH 2004 avid user, my pains are just about gone. I have energy again, my sex drive is back, I feel younger, stronger and I am pleasant inside and to others. People at my place of employment are noticing the change in me, the speed I walk without limping, my attitude -- lots of comments. I am an engineer, and engineers are very conscious of what they say. The reason I named my Doctor is I want people to believe me. They can confirm my testimonial if required. 

Yours Sincerely, 

John Wallwork

After five months on HGH2004, I certainly agree with the others who testify that it's great for increased energy, strength and muscle tone. But I'm writing this because I wanted everyone to 
know about another benefit I've experienced. My health was really poor when I first started taking this product, and my hair was falling out by the handfuls. Much to my relief, this 
excessive hair loss seemed to return to normal levels shortly after I started taking HGH2004. This, along with my renewed energy and improved outlook on life, convinced me that the 
product was indeed changing my life for the better.

But my enthusiasm for it took another jump last week, when I noticed quite a few 2+ inch hairs on top of my head. At first I couldn't figure out why my hair was breaking off like that. Then I realized it was NEW growth! It was coming in all over, and my hair was finally returning to it's former strong and shinny condition. I can't tell you how happy I am about this. :oD 
Thank you for making HGH2004 available to us!
... Kardia - OREGON

I have almost used the first bottle ,and have noticed a big difference in my energy level; in fact I started noticing a change after day 3. I wake up not feeling tired. I have now ordered again and do plan on letting my friends in on this product.
frb Florida

 "My Wife and I have now been taking the Homeopathic Oral formula of HGH 2004 for Five months. I have much more energy than I have had in many years and I am sleeping sounder, which helps keep me refreshed and alert during the day. I have also noticed a toning of the skin and I am feeling more like I did 10 to 15 years ago. 

"My Wife was in a serious auto accident ten years ago and as a result has acquired Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia attacks the muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue throughout the body. These people suffer from many debilitating disorders such as, widespread body pain, extreme fatigue, day-night sleep cycle disturbances, exhaustion and weight gain. We were aware that doctors were finding growth hormone levels to be very low in Fibromyalgia patients and that supplementation of HGH was beneficial for them. We also knew that the cost of the injection therapy was out of the price range for most patients! We were ecstatic when we learned of the Homeopathic oral formula, HGH 2004, now marketed by ADVANCED SYSTEMS. We placed an order immediately and we are very thankful that we did. The "GOOD NEWS" is, my Wife has more energy, she sleeps more deeply, her stamina is improving, she is in less pain, she has lost weight and inches and the "reddish" highlights that she had in her hair as! a young girl, are returning. We are very grateful that someone took the time to share the Good News about HGH 2004 with us"!!
... H. Fero, Sierra Vista, AZ

First I must say that I tried other compounds of HGH. The oral sprays are difficult to use and after 30 days there were no noticeable effects. After just one week with HGH 2004 I was getting to sleep faster and experiencing deeper sleep and dreams about events long forgotten. I am looking forward to the long term benefits.
Dave Carleton ... IB, California

 I have been using HGH 2004 for three weeks now. I tried it because I have been suffering with slow progressive joint & muscle deterioration for the last five years. I have tried almost anything that offered me hope and relief from the swelling and pain. I was getting to the point of giving up hope that I could ever be pain free. I even considered that I would end up wheelchair bound at some near future point in my life. All that is gone now. I am no longer depressed, and my pain has decreased tremendously with improvements occurring each day. I am so grateful for this product. Words will never quite describe my feelings.  Thank you, thank you, thank you,
... Rebecca Calkins

I love my increased energy and my new sense of well-being! I plan to do everything I can to spread the word about this incredible product.
... Florence Rini, Wilmington, DE

My name is Mathew Burgart and I am 28 years old. I have been lifting weights for about 12 years (serious for the past 3) and when your strength gets to the level I am at strength gains come very slow if at all. In 1998 I was in the "STRONGEST MAN ALIVE" contest to give an idea where I am in training. I have been on the product for about 8-10 weeks now and before I began HGH2004, my deadlift was stuck at 375 lb. for 8 reps and my best squat was 275lbs. for 8 reps. This week I deadlifted 465 lbs. for 5 reps and squatted 340 lbs. for 8 reps. my strength is going through the roof and I am loving it. I am also sleeping 2 hours less a night and am fully rested! I am also trying to gain weight as fast as I can for the strongman contest this year and after being on the product and eating the same diet as before (if not more) I have lost 12 lbs. because I am loosing fat faster than I am gaining muscle!

... M.Burgart, IA

I had spent hundreds of dollars trying one diet, nutritional product, program etc. after another, seriously struggling to lose weight for a couple years, but no matter what I did nothing worked. I even tried four different doctors, hoping someone would find that I had a thyroid imbalance or some other medical condition they could treat because diet and exercise alone just didn't work. Trying HGH 2004 was just another attempt to try something new and I was so skeptical I didn't tell anyone else about it.

I started taking HGH 2004 in March, and also had my husband start taking it at my request, though he had no idea why. We also started a stringent high protein/low calorie, low fat diet (I went to a doctor, he didn't, but the closest popular diet to compare it to is found in Protein Power or The Zone-- 40/30/30/ Balance Diet--NOT the Atkins Diet which allows too much fat and calories and not enough carbohydrates.)  I tell you this because it is VERY important for people to realize we DID diet as we took the HGH 2004.

Within 3 months I lost 42 pounds, and my husband lost 45 pounds in only two months. The weight came off so fast that now I am totally convinced that it was the HGH 2004 that gave us the edge--it was like dieting when I was in my 20s (we are in our late 40s)! What is interesting is that I weigh about 10 pounds more than I did last time I was this size, so I know I preserved my muscle during the process. I still have about 15 pounds to go to reach my ideal weight, but I have started taking Cardio Kickboxing classes and have no doubts I will make it by the end of summer.

Now when people ask me how we did it, I tell them about the diet and HGH2004. Also, my 70-year old mother started taking it, stopped smoking, and didn't gain a pound. I don't know what would have happened if we would have taken it without changing anything else in our routines, but I am pleased to give HGH 2004 credit for helping us to succeed in making major lifestyle changes!

...Kathy Maynard

My first noticeable benefit from taking HGH2004 was an incredible increase in energy after the third day, and about the sixth day I noticed that my sleep time was much deeper, and I got more rest from less sleep. Since then I have noticed clear improvement in my right eye sight, which has a minus 2 prescription currently, and although I cannot yet see as well as I did prior to sight depletion, I can see real well up close again. I noticed this particularly while playing cards or reading.   In addition, my wife who is going through menopause, is getting excellent results from HGH2004, in fact she no longer has the hot flashes that were a regular event with her. The medicine prescribed by her doctor did very little to help, and she was seriously considering hormone treatments prior to the HGH2004 intake. She has also noticed the energy increase as well. All this is after less than 2 months of HGH2004 intake, we can't wait to see the results after 6 months.
... Klaus and Donna Fischer, Annapolis, Maryland

I am a 43 years old female, who has been getting up at 4:00am in the morning from the time I was 7 years old. I am a professional ice skating coach, and train skaters in the wee morning hours. I have also been a vegetarian for the past 24 years. As I have aged, I have found that I was over tired and taking naps when I got home from work. I was saying to myself, if this is what growing old is all about I want off the ship. It was scary to me to be so tired. I just started on HGH 2004 two days ago and can't believe the difference in my energy level. I was very skeptical at the claims that I read about but new I had to do something. Well, my skepticism in over. My energy level feels just like when I was a kid. I am really delighted and truly shocked. It is a steady and comfortable energy that everyone should experience. My students will wonder what is going on with me when I come to give them their lessons at 5:00am. I am excited
... Thanks, Colleen Phillips

My husband had no energy. He took about 10 naps a day, starting about 1 1/2 hours after he arose in the AM. After starting to take HGH 2004 (within about 4 days), he walked, worked in the yard, helped around the house and took NO NAP all day. This was truly a miracle. I have seen a decided difference.

... Judy A-,FL

I've tried other HGH products but this one...HGH 2004... "Really Kicks". With three critters, two full-time businesses and a passion for playing music, my wife and I really noticed the energy benefits throughout the day and night. We're building a new home and have noticed the improved memory retention and clarity of focus that HGH 2004 can provide for handling all the details. It's been great so far and we feel like it's just getting better!
... Lynn Sorenson - Maple Valley, WA

I'm a businessman that has to travel 3 weeks out of each month and I was amazed at the boost of energy and the remarkable mood elevation I received from including HGH 2004 in my daily routine. I noticed immediately that the congestion and discomfort in breathing that I experience while flying on airplanes went away including the nagging jet-lag that used to accompany long flights. I won't travel without it and I'm excited to enjoy the long range benefits of feeling younger.
... Chris Bergin - Long Beach, CA

I've been a bodybuilder and nutrition enthusiast for years and have experienced measurable benefits from using HGH 2004. Following a construction accident several years ago, I have been suffering from painful migraine headaches with no success in finding relief. Within days of beginning HGH 2004, all the migraine headache discomfort had disappeared while I enjoyed a new sense of energy and a dramatic increase in my daily exercise regiment. The results have been fantastic! Increased muscle mass, fat loss, restful sleep and an all around feeling of well being are just the tip of the iceberg.
... Dan Keenan - Woodinville, WA

Better sleep was the first benefit of HGH 2004 that we noticed. Just a few days after beginning, we both experienced a definite increase in our energy levels and a more positive mental mood. Both my wife and I workout several days a week,are involved in a physically demanding business and have both experienced tremendous increases in muscle mass, energy level and endurance with HGH 2004.

... Steve & Alice Kamp - Monroe, WA

My name is George Kaman, one of the first people I shared the information on HGH2004 with is Lenis Hall, a 78 year young female who couldn't get her breath because of emphysema. She was considering going on oxygen, but that was a step she was reluctant to take. However, she had to do something because she didn't have the energy to get outside, clean house, etc. She bought a bottle of HGH2004 on March 22. Today, April 7, I gave her a call to see how she was doing. She is a new person with more energy and she says to can now get more breath. She says she is feeling better day by day. She ordered 6 more bottles because she doesn't want to run out, plus she has friends that want to get some.

... G.Kaman, TN

I have been on HGH 2004 for about 2 weeks now and have found a higher energy level without neverousness and without a racing heart. I am more focused and people are noticing the difference at my job. Thanks again for the ENERGY! ! ! !
... Debbi Hafner, CA.

As a semi-professional bodybuilder, I have been amazed at the definition and increased muscle mass that my body has shown using HGH 2004. In just a few short weeks I noticed a lasting sense of well-being and a boost of energy that just had to be the HGH 2004. My wife is sleeping better and swears that the lines and wrinkles on her face are slowing diminishing. Thank you HGH 2004!" ... Steve B - Hawaii

My vision has definitely improved while using HGH 2004 and my memory has amazed my husband and children recently. It must be the HGH 2004 because, at 62 years old, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever feel younger again. This product has absolutely done just that. I won't
leave home without it.

... Jane B. - Utah

HGH 2004 has been the answer to my prayers...improved sleep, memory and endurance including my friends at the office wondering if I have been working out.
... Steven A. - TX

At 64, HGH 2004 has tightened my skin, given me energy I haven't had in 20 years and, most importantly, improved my outlook on aging.  Thank you HGH 2004!
... Jan G. - CA

I'm 42, a weekend bodybuilder and I have doubled my bench-press in just 3 months while using     HGH 2004..."
... Matt Jones. - WA

ADVANCED SYSTEMS' HGH 2004 is great! My vision improved after just 2 weeks and I've been sleeping better than ever. I know that HGH 2004 has made menopause a lot easier.

... Thelma H. - IL

I'm weekend athlete and have increased my workout by 50% while enjoying a major increase in my desire to stay active. HGH 2004 has improved my oxygen intake substantially and made me feel more energetic and alive.
... Susan R. - WA

What a mood elevator! Since trying HGH 2004, my attitude has been the same as when I was a young man and ready to take on the world.  I highly recommend HGH 2004 for anyone who just wants to feel better.
... Chris B. - CA

It is now day 15, and counting... I can only imagine what this will do for me, my health, and my enjoyment of life, over the coming months!!"

...W. Osterhout. California

I began using HGH 2004 5 days a week beginning in early November of 1998. At 42, I was amazed within just 2 days how much deeper and soundly I was sleeping! By my second week I was positive something wonderful was happening. My energy level was up, my attitude was strong and my biggest challenge, losing inches, started to happen. By the end of my first month I had gone down 1 notch on my belt buckle. Today, after just 12 weeks, I've lost 3 inches off my mid-section and feel great. You gotta try HGH 2004!

... Dave Sterling, Washington State

I have been taking HGH 2004 for about 6 weeks now and the changes that have taken place are truly hard to believe. I've been able, for the first time since I was about 22, to wake up extremely refreshed on 5-6 hours of sleep, instead of the minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep that I've needed for the past 10-11 years. I am definitely far more energetic than I've been for years and my mental clarity has increased to a point that I'm able to notice it.  If I could just get myself away from this computer and to the gym, I would reach my ultimate goal
... Eric. Secher. - Massachusetts

"The first thing I noticed was a much improved sleep pattern. I have always been a very lite sleeper and once I do get to sleep I have a hard time staying asleep. After taking the HGH for 5 days I realized I was sleeping more soundly and waking up feeling refreshed for the first time in a very long time! AND, I was having vivid dreams. I also noticed that my fingernails were growing! The is probably not a big issue for men, but for a lot of women I know, they are always paying to have their nails sculpted, mainly because they can't seem to grow strong beautiful nails on their own. Now I know all they needed was some HGH! I have never been able to grow long, healthy nails. Because I was born almost 3 months premature, I was told that I would have certain health problems because of that. One problem is that I have always had weak, thin fingernails. After taking the HGH for 5 days I looked at my hands in amazement. My fingernails were growing! They were noticeable longer AND stronger. I can't even wear fake fingernails because of my weak nails. Now they are harder and longer for the first time that I can remember!

I noticed that I had more energy, a better mood and much more creative thought. I have an art degree by training, but have always considered myself to be an amateur, because I never thought I had the ability to be a professional artist. I realized after taking the HGH for a week that I suddenly had more creative ideas for my artwork than I have had in a very long time. Perhaps this is a placebo effect, as I was hoping something good would happen, and it did. But I know I could never ""think"" myself into having my nails grow, my acne scar disappear (I have had a rough patch of skin on my face for years that I could never seem to get rid of, even with expensive lotions), my knee injury begin to heal (I fell on my knee about 2 months ago and it was still swollen and it was taking a very long time to heal) AND my elbow stop hurting. (I have been having episodes of pain in my right elbow for some months and I suddenly realized it has stopped hurting!). I don't want to stop taking the product, because I noticed right away the difference in my mood and energy level. I have also lost some weight, and the first place I noticed was in my face. The sagging skin under my chin has tightened up! When I am not taking the HGH I can't seem to sleep as well and I get back into my old pattern of thinking that some things are just not worth the effort trying. What a difference! "
...Kerry Ramirez Houston, TX

I just wanted to share my experience with the HGH even though I have just recently started.
For one thing, I am a fitness buff with a sedentary job. I like to work out, but I do not like to follow the diet that should go along with the exercise. Since I turned 35 several years ago, it seemed as if I could no longer get away with the high calorie foods and keep my weight down. I especially hated the feeling when I would eat something tempting and I had to unbutton my pants to compensate for the extra girth. I also did not like the fact I had lost my energy in the morning and was feeling tired and uninspired at the end of the day. Even with better eating habits, it just did not seem to get me going. I read some of the testimonials and figured what the heck, I'll try one bottle and if it does not do anything for me, at least I will know all this hype I have been reading from my web searches on hgh were exaggerated. With the first week passed, I was able to fit into pants easily when before I had to shoe horn myself in. I figured nothing could work that well, so I put another "shoe horn" pants on with the same result! I had done nothing different in my daily routine except take the HGH. I am also concentrating better and more alert for a longer period of time, not getting irritated over trivial matters. Now I do not want to spend time resting on the couch after work, I want to get moving and do something, which is a blessing in itself.

... Scott Shipley

My name is David Brooks and I would like to share my experiences with ADVANCED SYSTEMS' HGH2004. I have been taking HGH2004 for about 7 weeks now and can say that it is really making a change in my life.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with a problem with my heart. My doctor told me that I was going to have to go on medication most likely for the rest of my life. After taking daily medication for over two and a half-years I found myself becoming quite passive. The medications I was taking were thinning my blood and slowing my circulation. I feel because of these medications I was losing my mental edge. A friend of mine that was aware of my condition had started taking HGH. He told me about HGH2004 and suggested that I give it a try.

I decided that I would give HGH a try but had some concerns about how it might react with the medication I was already taking. I decided to go ahead and try HGH but to schedule a physical with my doctor. I couldn't get into my doctor for about a week so I went ahead and started taking my HGH. By the time I went to my physical I was already feeling the effects of the HGH. When I met with my doctor he asked me how I was feeling? All I could say was "GREAT". We talked about growth hormone and what effects it has on the body. He told me that if it was making me feel better to go ahead and keep taking it. He did ask me to have some blood tests done to confirm that all the medications I was taking were holding stable while taking HGH. The results of the test showed that I could actually reduce some of the dosages I was taking.

Since starting on HGH I find that week after week I am feeling better all the time. I feel my energy level gaining by the day. I'm sleeping better at night and waking up in the morning feeling completely rested. But I have to say that the best thing happening to me is that I'm getting my mind back to the levels it was at before my heart problems started. I'm thinking clearly, my mind is generating great ideas again and my overall mental well being is at its best in years. Overall I feel EXCELLENT !!!!

I have been sharing this product with many of my friends and family members and have seen many different positive results. I have seen my wife who has Fibromyalgia start being able to sleep at night with out having to take muscle relaxers. I have seen a good friend who was taking antidepressants be able to get off his medication completely. I have seen skin problems that people have had for years clear up over a matter of weeks.

After seeing so many positive things happening to the people around me that had started taking HGH2004 I decided that I couldn't keep it to myself. I needed to tell as many people as I could about the great things that have happened to my family, friends and myself while taking HGH. That's why I took the time to write this letter.
...... David Brooks, Washington State

My name is Wiley Brooks, I am a Breatharian, the author of a book entitled 'Breatharianism, Breathe and live forever.' The Founder of the Breatharian Institute of America and the HGH Institute of America and I am 62 years old at the writing of this letter (DEC 1998). Some 30 years ago I started on a quest to learn the secrets to stopping and/or reversing the aging process. I actually believed it was possible, so I literally spent the last 30 years or so and hundreds of thousands of dollars in search of this preverbal "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH". Today I am happy to say that I have been most successful in this quest and that most importantly I can now share the results of this extensive research with you and the world.

Many of you reading this letter may have seen me back in the early eighties (1982) on the national TV show "THAT'S INCREDIBLE" demonstrating my mysterious increase in strength, by lifting 1100 lbs. of weights, nearly 10 times my own body weight. I say mysterious because before this phenomenon occurred I had never lifted more than 50lbs of anything in my entire life. I was happy, to say the least, that I had finally hit pay-dirt after many years of hits and misses, but felt that I would be even happier if I were able to share this experience with others. Today that is possible. I can truly say that from all my own research and experimentation with many youthing processes I found that the "HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE" (HGH) to be the singular most important contributing factor in that mysterious increase in strength and the anti-aging benefits I experienced back then. I have known for many years about the great benefits attributable to this remarkable hormone but the scientific credibility was not available then to substantiate my claims as it is today. I was not the only one by far, who was aware of the incredible benefits gained by raising their blood levels of this hormone, which is naturally produced in the human body, but decreases with age.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplementation has been used for many years by those who were willing to pay thousands of dollars per month for ongoing injections of this wonder hormone. With the onset of new technology and more modern ways to produce and market these kinds of products, more people will now have the opportunity to experience some or all of the benefits HGH supplementation offers at a drastic reduction in cost and without the need to use any kind of needles. The product I am using and bringing to the awareness of the general public is HGH 2004. A unique proprietary formula of Homeopathic GROWTH HORMONE that has been developed to assist you in achieving results like the ones recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. These studies showed that the use of Growth Hormone may reverse human biological aging in ways that are truly difficult to believe.
... W. Brooks, CA

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